Anti Fog Wipes

Available in a 20 Pack

  • Stops glass fogging
  • Cleans glass surfaces
  • Store in car glove box

Improve visibility with ARMOR ALL® Anti-Fog Wipes. The unique formula has been developed to safely clean interior glass while leaving a protective coating to stop glass from fogging. ARMOR ALL Anti-Fog Wipes are ideal for wet weather, high humidity, and temperature changes. They are tint safe and store easily in the glove box.


  1. Apply ARMOR ALL Anti-Fog Wipe to surface in circular motions.
  2. Buff until dry to prevent smearing.
  3. Use as needed.

ARMOR ALL DETAILING TIP: Use ARMOR ALL Rain Repellent on the glass exterior for maximum visibility in the rain.

View Material Safety Data Sheet (Australia)View Material Safety Data Sheet (New Zealand)

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