Extreme Foam Glass Cleaner
  • Removes water spots, cleans dirt, insect splatter and other grime.
  • Safe for exterior, interior glass surfaces and tinted windows.
  • Crystal clear visibility.

ARMOR ALL® Extreme Foam Glass Cleaner utilises innovative polishing agents within the foam to help remove the toughest dirt, insect splatter, water spots and other grime from glass surfaces. The result is a streak free finish for crystal clear visibility.

For best results: Use on cool glass. For a sparkling, streak-free finish, use in conjunction with ARMOR ALL® Glass Cloth.


  1. Check glass surface is cool to touch.
  2. Shake can well.
  3. To avoid over spray, hold can 10-15cm from glass. Spray product directly onto glass, one section at a time.
  4. Wipe with a clean ARMOR ALL® Glass Cloth to remove dirt & grime.
  5. Turn the cloth frequently. Change the cloth if needed.
  6. Replace the cap after use.

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Anti Fog Wipes

Available in a 20 Pack

  • Stops glass fogging
  • Cleans glass surfaces
  • Store in car glove box

Improve visibility with ARMOR ALL® Anti-Fog Wipes. The unique formula has been developed to safely clean interior glass while leaving a protective coating to stop glass from fogging. ARMOR ALL Anti-Fog Wipes are ideal for wet weather, high humidity, and temperature changes. They are tint safe and store easily in the glove box.


  1. Apply ARMOR ALL Anti-Fog Wipe to surface in circular motions.
  2. Buff until dry to prevent smearing.
  3. Use as needed.

ARMOR ALL DETAILING TIP: Use ARMOR ALL Rain Repellent on the glass exterior for maximum visibility in the rain.

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Tech & Screen Wipes

Available in a 20 Pack

  • Safe to use on soft technology screens- GPS, Computers, mobile phones
  • Ideal for all glass and plastic
  • Streak free formula
  • Fits in glove box or drinks holder

ARMOR ALL Tech and Screen Wipes gently remove smudge marks and grim from soft technology screens without streaking or scratching. They are great for cleaning all automotive glass, plastic instrument screens and windscreens. Fitting conveniently in your glove box or drinks holder you can keep them handy for cleaning on the go.

For best results: For best results on small surfaces, oleophobic or highly polished screens such as tablets or smart phones, wipe the surface clean with an Armor All Tech & Screen Wipe, then buff gently with a microfiber cloth.


  1. Wipe surface clean with ARMOR ALL Tech & Screen Wipes.
  2. Buff gently until dry to avoid streaking.
  3. Dispose of wipe in rubbish. Do not flush.


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Glass Wipes

Available in a Smart Seal Twist and Lock lid

  • One-step glass cleaning
  • Removes film and grime on glass
  • Specially designed for auto glass

ARMOR ALL Glass Wipes are the quick and easy way to clean your windows and glass. The wipes are specially formulated with just the right amount of moisture to clean glass and leave a streak-free shine for maximum visibility. Unlike many household glass cleaners, our formula is specially designed for automotive glass so it is ammonia-free.

For best results use on cool, dry surfaces. Very hot or cold temperatures may affect performance.

Do not use whilst driving. Not for personal cleansing.


  1. Remove one wipe from canister (see directions on packaging for removal of first wipe).
  2. Wipe glass clean with ARMOR ALL Glass Wipes. Wipes will feel slightly dry to touch. Repeat until streak-free.
  3. Use additional wipes if necessary. Let surface dry.
  4. Wash hands after use and dispose of wipe in garbage.

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  • Steak free windows for maximum visibility
  • Eliminates vinyl fog and oily film
  • Safe for factory tinted windows* – Ammonia Free

The powerful formula of ARMOR ALL Glass Cleaner dissolves grime and haze fast, leaving a sparkling streak-free shine for maximum visibility. Specifically designed for automotive glass, it cuts through tough road grime, dirt, oily film and vinyl mist that ordinary glass cleaners leave behind.

Where to Use: Use on windscreens, windows, headlights, mirrors. * Do not apply to damaged, bubbling or after market tinting. If in doubt, test on an inconspicuous area before using and consult tint supplier’s cleaning directions.


  1. Hold bottle approximately 30cm from surface and spray evenly.
  2. Wipe dry with a dry lint-free cloth, paper towel or newspaper.
  3. For best results change cloth, paper or newspaper frequently

View Material Safety Data Sheet (Australia)View Material Safety Data Sheet (New Zealand)